Series 20 GI Fans

New York Blower Series 20 GI Fans (General Industrial) employ four distinct radial-wheel designs for use in moderate-pressure applications. Typical uses include dust collection, pneumatic-conveying, moisture blow-off, incineration and oven and dryer exhaust.

Wheel Design: Radial - Straight
Radial - Modified
Radial with Backplate
Radial with Backplate (Rugged Duty)
Design Features: VOLUME - to 77,000 CFM.
PRESSURES - to 22" WG.
15 SIZES - 14"-85"
ARRANGEMENTS - 1, 9, 9E, 9F, 10
Available Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Special Alloys
Product Bulletin: Series 20 GI Fans with Rugged Radial-Blade Wheels (251) - 1.5 mb
Guide Specifications: Specifying Series 20 General Industrial with DH Wheels (GS-252)
Specifying Series 20 General Industrial with LS Wheels (GS-253)
Specifying Series 20 General Industrial with AH/AM Wheels (GS-254)
Engineering Supplements: Series 20 & Series 30 Belt Centers (ES-251)
Special Diameter and Special Width Series 20, 30, and 45 Fans (ES-863)
Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual: IM-110
Material Specifications: S20_Dims.pdf
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