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New York Blower’s product selector "Fan-to-Size" is availble Online or as a download for installation on your computer *.

Fan-to-Size is a critical tool for all system designers and engineers who select and specify air-moving equipment using nyb's comprehensive product line. The selection software has been designed to help you quickly and accurately select fans for individual applications.

Fan-to-Size features include:

The Fan-to-Size product selectors are approved by the Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA) and meet the requirements specified in AMCA’s Certified Ratings Program.

*The Windows-based Fan-to-Size is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows® except "RT".
The web-based Fan-to-Size is compatible with all major javascript-enabled browsers.

Fan-to-Size for Windows

New Installation or Re-Installation Download Full Installation Program

This installer will work with 32-bit or 64-bit editions of all MS Windows versions except "RT". This installer is an MSI file.

The version installed by this installer is v1.86.33.
Update An Existing Installation Download Update Program

This update is for existing Fan-to-Size installations in folder c:\nyb\.

The update program file is 8.5 MB in size. The version number after the update is 1.90. Recent Updates:
  • 2017 Feb 24: Update BC-20 and BC-40 product lines for redesign.
  • 2016 Jul 21: Add cfh and cfs units of measure for volume flow rate.
  • 2015 Apr 14: New silencer options for General Industrial products have been added.
  • 2015 Mar 08: New silencer options for backward inclined products have been added.
  • 2015 Feb 22: EZ Plenum Fan Array and FA Plenum Fan Array have been added so it is possible to select multiple identical fans for a desired total airflow volume.
To use either program, DOWNLOAD the program to your computer and then run it. DO NOT "Run" either program over the internet. Doing so may result in an incomplete and corrupt program installation.

Compatible with my OS? All MS Windows versions except "RT".See Details.
Compatible with 64-bit?
Yes, see Details

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