Fan Replacement Parts

NYB understands the importance of reliable repair services and replacement parts availability necessary for profitable and efficient operation within an industry. To help customers maintain high productivity within a system or application, NYB provides fan replacement parts for any product that carries our brand name.

Please note that all NYB products include a nameplate that displays details of the fan at the time of its manufacture. Nameplates are typically located on the fan's bearing pedestal (or on the housing side if no pedestal is part of the design).

A nameplate includes a "Shop Number" which is in essence the serial number of the fan. Simply identify the “Shop Number” of your fan and contact a local New York Blower Sales Representative for further assistance.

Old nameplate design (orders shipped prior to January 2013)

NYB Nameplate New 


Old nameplate design (orders shipped prior to March 2001)

NYB Nameplate Old