OEM Wheels,  Housings and Cones

New York Blower has provided air-handling equipment to industry for over 125 years. To ensure the highest quality possible, OEM Wheels and Cones are fabricated using the same designs as our standard product lines. These components offer system designers a variety of configurations limited only by the needs of the system and good engineering practice.

Wheel Design: Backward Inclined-Airfoil
Backward Inclined-Curved Blade
Backward Inclined-Single Thickness
Design Features: VOLUME - to 350,000 CFM.
PRESSURES - to 20" WG.
22 SIZES - 10"-89"
ARRANGEMENTS - AMCA-Class I, II, III, and IV construction.
Available Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Product Bulletin: Fan Components (CS-851) - 0.1 mb
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