OEM Fan Components

The New York Blower Company provides air-handling equipment to original equipment manufacturers to meet a full range of airflow and pressure requirements. These OEM fan components offer system designers a variety of configurations limited only by the needs of the system and good engineering practice. Please review NYB's OEM component offerings to select an option that meets your original equipment manufacturing needs.

For an overview of fan components, see our bulletin here.
For an overview of process components, see our bulletin here.

  Max CFM Max SP (in wg) Max Temp (F)
Plug Fans 125,000 20 1300
Air Kits 100,000 6 1000
OEM Wheels and Cones 350,000 20 800

  Steam Pressure BTU/hr Steam Temp (F)
Unit Heaters 200 613,100 600
Steelfin Coils 200 613,100 600