Material Handling Centrifugal Fans

New York Blower Company Material Handling Centrifugal Fans are designed to cover a wide range of performance and application requirements.  Material-handling systems vary in design criteria because of the wide variety of materials that may be handled and the form in which the material is processed through the system.  NYB Material Handling Fans are used in handling systems to generate sufficient air velocity to pick up the material at its point of origin and convey it to a collection point. Please review the NYB line of Material Handling Fans to find the best fit for your material handling application.

  Max CFM Max SP (in wg) Max Temp (F)
Compact GI Fans 2,200 14 600
Compact Pressure Blowers 4,000 23 600
Series 20 GI Fans 77,000 22 1000
Series 30 GI Fans 95,000 32 1000
Series 45 GI Fans 100,000 46 1000
RTS Fans 118,000 36 750