Clean Air Axial Fans

The New York Blower Company offers a line of axial air-moving products designed to accommodate clean-air applications. Clean Air Axial fans have the ability to handle moderate-to-high air flow, moderate static pressures and are easy to install. These characteristics make axial fans ideal for supply/exhaust and inline air flow. Please review the NYB line of axial fans to find the best fit for your clean air application.

  Max CFM Max SP (in wg) Max Temp (F)
Tubular AcoustaFoil™ 140,000 14 200
Duct Fans 60,000 2 350
Tubeaxial Fans 86,000 3 200
Vaneaxial Fans 100,000 5 200
Propeller Fans 117,800 3/4 180
Upblast Roof Ventilators 118,000 3/4 105
Hooded Roof Ventilators 106,000 3/4 105
Centrifugal Roof Ventilators 35,000 3-1/4 105