NYB Fan-to-Size Selection Software

Selection Software

The NYB Electronic Catalog and Fan-to-Size programs are compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 with these three caveats:

1. Because Windows imposes stringent control on what programs can do to files inside the Program Files folder, the NYB software should not be installed into the Program Files folder.

Our installation disk labeled "1.74" or higher will install the software into folder c:\NYB\ by default. If you have an older CD that defaults to c:\program files\NYB\ you can edit the destination during the installation process to make the destination read c:\NYB\.

2. If you see the error "Unexpected error; quitting" when running Fan-to-Size, you must run the program using the "Run as Administrator" command. This should only be necessary the FIRST time you run Fan-to-Size after program installation.

The Run as Administrator command can be found on the pop-up menu that you get when you RIGHT-click on the Fan-to-Size icon. Detailed Example.

3. Sometimes, after starting Fan-to-Size as an Administrator, you may see an error about failure to locate data. If this happens, you should exit Fan-to-Size and then restart without the Administrator account.

If you are installing the software onto 64-bit Windows, please also see the information about 64-bit.

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