General Industrial Arrangement 4 Fans

New York Blower General Industrial Arrangement 4 Fans are ideally suited for a wide range of direct drive industrial process applications. Typical uses for this fan are: air-drying, product cooling, product drying, combustion air, supply and exhaust, fume control and clean/dirty side of dust collection systems.

Wheel Design: Radial - Shrouded wheel
Radial - Backplated Wheel
Design Features: VOLUME - to 20,000 CFM.
PRESSURES - to 35" WG.
8 SIZES - 14"-36"
Available Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Special Alloys
Product Bulletin: Arrangement 4 GI Fans (CS-121)
Similar Products: Compact GI-Fans (For Lower Volumes and Pressures)
Series 20 GI Fans (For Lower pressures)
Series 30 GI-Fans (For Higher Pressures)
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